Legacy-or Luck?

Warriors at Wizards 2/3/16

The Golden State Warriors very own Stephen Curry isn’t just know for bringing them an entire championship home. No-No-No, Curry created his own shoe-line that sparked a lot of attention. Not because of what an upcoming not only athlete but designer would want, but because they were odd looking.

Curry’s shoes are partnered with Under Armor and they began his third release at the peak of his career. After taking the record for the most 3s made in a season, he released his Under Armor Curry 3, which did have much controversy with its standing in the basketball world.

Although, it did have a slick pilot shoe look, its resistant after dirt enters the shoe wears the shoes quicker, asking the question is it worth the purchase. Another issue that shoe fans had a problem with is the extra space in the shoes create the unstably that players do not need when playing such a heavy contact sport.

The Warriors, still having Curry as their starting point guard, have took a loss to the undermined Boston Celtics so it has fans questioning, is Curry still carrying that legacy of being the best for his team? Will this defeat so early in the season begin to show an affect on his shoes sales?

Curry has not made any recent comments on any upcoming releases.



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